Finished products co-operation

We create a platform of exchanging information for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or marketing companies.

If you are a manufacturer, owner of marketing authorization/registration documentation for pharmaceutical products, medical devices or innovative cosmetics/dietary products, we can help you to find a partner who would like to launch your products on polish market. It is possible on your own or completely new brand.

We search through global markets for clear patent situation products that can meet requirements of Polish and European regulations.

Your products can represent wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetics branch such as: generic drugs (Rx and OTC), medical devices, innovative nutrition supplements and modern cosmetics. There is no limitation to particular therapeutic groups and application forms.

We invite all companies interested in placing their products on the Polish market to contact our company.


Person in charge:
Magdalena Grześkowiak
phone: (+48 22) 814 20 00 ext. 108